PrecisionCare uses the latest software technology to integrate security, reliability, flexibility and usability into an affordable solution. PrecisionCare is a web-based application. The only requirement is a web browser with internet access.


PrecisionCare can be installed on your own server or we can serve as your Application Service Provider. Whichever mode of delivery you decide, you always have the option to change. This flexibility makes PrecisionCare the suitable choice for all agencies large and small.


PrecisionCare can be run on all modern browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer has reached its end of support by Microsoft. For PrecisionCare to utilize the latest technologies, PrecisionCare does not support Internet Explorer. However, PrecisionCare can be ran on Internet Explorer but not as efficiently as modern browsers.

Operating Systems

PrecisionCare can be run on all modern operating systems and computers: Windows, PCs, Android, iOS, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, etc. PrecisionCare is mobile-friendly and screens have been optimized for most mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).